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Long Live Fashion!


03 - 04 A Collective that transforms fashion


Report 2023

03 - 04 A Collective that transforms fashion

Our Community
is leading the
Resale Revolution

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Driving change

Circularity is a state of mind for our Collective

A commitment to our future

# 2

Sustainability is the second and fastest-growing driver for our community 8

That places circularity as a central principle in our community's drive for responsible shopping. In fact, 84% of our seller community sell to give items a second life.

“I realize the environmental crisis we’re facing and I think you simply cannot do things the way you used to do them.”

MATHEO, a Vestiaire Collective member

A culture of second-hand

61 %

Of users consider second-hand in other areas of their lives thanks to Vestiaire

If you’re curious, Gen-Z consumers are the most apt to buy (31%) and sell (44%) secondhand items, with millennials close behind. 8

“I am extremely sensitive to the environment and this plays a role in my purchasing decisions.”

Barbara, a Vestiaire Collective member

A quest for treasure

68 %

Of buyers are hunting for the perfect piece

“To be honest I find buying second-hand more fun than buying first hand. I love the whole treasure hunt of it.”

MATHEO, a Vestiaire Collective member

Act. Educate. Inspire.

We are one Collective

Our community constantly inspires us – and we work hard to do the same. That means taking a stand when we need to, sharing the knowledge that inspires us, and celebrating every win.


Not only does fast fashion have dire consequences for the environment, there are also huge social issues.

In 2022 we banned ultra fast-fashion on our platform, taking a stand against an unsustainable system.

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Fast fashion items end up in landfill within 1 year of purchase 9


Of our users impacted by the ban made the switch to other brands


Brands banned so far

It’s not enough for us to ban fast fashion. We’re determined to go further by pushing for tighter regulations for clothing producers and brands.
We’re lobbying within the EU to hold fast fashion accountable for both their upward and downward supply chains, their waste management and the huge problem of textile exports to low-income countries.

Education and Inspiration

All Year Long

Throughout 2022 we published regular educational content, including our series on How to Build a Sustainable Wardrobe. We share tips on what pieces to invest in, which sustainable materials will last a lifetime and how to shop better.

We incentivize users to shop sustainably

Follow the leaf

On Vestiaire Collective, the leaf icon helps buyers identify items that are in closer proximity to them, thereby reducing the kilometres traveled per item.

The Fashion Activist badge

We introduced the Fashion Activist Badge to celebrate community members who drive transformative change in the fashion industry by championing innovative consumption habits and actively participating as buyers and sellers.