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05 - 05 Vestiaire Collective’s strategy


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05 - 05 Vestiaire Collective’s strategy

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Setting the standard


We are the first fashion resale platform to achieve B Corp certification

To achieve this, we went through a full assessment of our practices, and we took concrete actions like extending French social benefits to our entire global team, and offering every team member 15 hours a year to help charities of their choice. In September ‘21 our score was 89.4. Let’s see how we improve over the years!



We trust and give power to our team members to transform our company

We have 5 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Taskforces, consisting of about 50 team members who voluntarily give up to 100 hrs annually to improve practices and wellbeing at Vestiaire Collective through internal events, awareness, HR policies and transformation programmes. These include: The creation of a Parental Act (extended parental leave and nursery places), several Talks for Change with inspiring guests, women’s mentoring and coaching programmes.

Women’s empowerment

Parents @ Vestiaire


Ethnic diversity

Disability & mental health

Vestiaire Collective’s business model is truly unique. Our job in the S&I team is to provide the right data to support this claim, and to keep challenging ourselves to make improvements, to keep challenging the industry to transition faster.

Dounia Wone (Chief Sustainability and Inclusion Officer)


We believe business must be a force for good, both for people and the planet

The 2025 goals we set ourselves:

Keep improving our B Corp score to enter their “Best For The World” ranking Achieve a 90/100 score at the French Gender Equality Index and reach GEEIS certification20 21 Complete our transition towards the “Entreprise à Mission” French status

Improving our footprint


We have started drastically decarbonising our activities

In 2020 we conducted our first GHG accounting. We set an ambitious climate strategy: reaching a net positive climate impact by 2025 without compensation. How? By reducing the carbon intensity of our activities by 25% (a mitigation pace validated by the SBTi), while maximising the emissions we avoid for the fashion industry. Until we reach a balance, and ultimately a net climate benefit! And we’re on track: in the last 2 years, we’ve reduced air transportation from 70% to 37% in Europe!



We are now deep diving our socio-economic impacts

Social impact measurement methods are less developed than environmental ones. That’s a fact. But that’s no excuse for us to look the other way! In 2021 we conducted our first internal diversity and inclusion assessment. From there, we are in the process of evaluating our wage quality, our contribution to local employment, our diversity impact, and our economic footprint through taxes and suppliers spending.


We aim to use cutting-edge impact measurement methods

As a great man once said, “you can’t manage what you don’t measure!”. Our long-term goals are:

Publishing a complete environmental, social and economic profit and loss report

Why pursuing monetization? We believe translating impacts into euros will help our teams, investors and society at large incorporate ESG dimensions into companies valuation.

Adding relevant Sustainability and Inclusion yearly targets to all managers at Vestiaire

Empowering our community


We have developed features to guide our community along their sustainable journey

Last year we created the leaf feature to help our members spot the opportunities to reduce the kilometers travelled per item, using the localisation filter and Direct Shipping option. We also launched our Fashion Activist badge, rewarding our users that are both sellers and buyers - they’re at the forefront of new consumption habits!



We’re challenging ourselves to go a step further with new innovative methods

This March, we worked with internal and external teams to find out how we could go a step further to innovate for more impact, with our very first hackathon. 3 multidisciplinary teams - from tech, data, product, business, operations, supply - dedicated a full working week to deep-dive sustainability across the customer journey, each with a specific angle: carbon, circularity, and durability. The winning project, an impact tracker, will be developed this year on our platform, so stay tuned!

How can we address sustainability accross the customer journey?





We want our 23 million members to be at the forefront of change

Our two north star goals here are:

Driving pride through a product that puts our impacts and the diversity of our community centre stage.

Developing tools and incentives to help our changemakers in their own transitions



Triggering systemic change


We unlock resale for first-hand players willing to go circular

Have you heard about our Brand Partnerships? Because we cannot transform the industry on our own, at Vestiaire our amazing teams are working hard to develop services for brands to embrace circularity with us. Last year we welcomed Alexander McQueen, Mytheresa and Mulberry on this journey. Stay tuned, our aim is to go even bigger this year…



We work alongside key industry actors to transform fashion

We’re working with brands and tech providers to create digital IDs for clothing. Our goal is to provide consumers with full transparency on the key impacts of their items, and to be able to track every step of the journey (production, sale, resale, end-of-life). We are also taking part in discussions on environmental labelling, specifically on how to define durability, by sharing openly our data on the second-hand market.


We want our ideas and data to get public attention

Because we know policymakers have the power to make change happen at an industry scale, we aim to:

Consolidate the voices of circular fashion and resale players

Amplify the perspectives and experiences of women in tech