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Is pre-loved fashion something that interests you?

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What about pre-loved is more interesting to you right now?

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Complete this sentence: I'm a fan of pre loved fashion because...

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Complete this sentence: I'm a fan of pre loved fashion because...

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What interests you most about selling pre-loved?


When it comes to fashion, you’re in with the right crowd at Vestiaire Collective. You love selling on Vestiaire because it’s easy and reliable - and with an audience of 23 million fashion lovers, you’re never getting shortchanged.

By reselling items, you're half way to a fully circular wardrobe! Have you ever tried looking for your next outfit second hand? Buying pre-loved luxury items keeps you timelessly fashionable whilst reducing your environmental impact. Simple.



Looking expensive doesn’t have to be expensive - that’s why you shop for fashion on Vestiaire Collective! You often give vintage items another life through buying, selling or both. You might be in search of affordable new finds or a little extra income through reselling. This might be a hobby, a side-hustle or a full-time job for you, but your contribution to reducing fashion waste is well noted - and appreciated!

How can you go even further? Easy - repair clothes that start to get a little worn. Not only does this extend their life further, but it saves you money in the process.



You love buying or selling unique and limited edition pieces at amazing prices. Shopping second-hand gives you access to unique items you can’t get elsewhere, and gives others access to the unique items you own and don’t wear - it’s a win-win.

But have you considered giving another life to these items? The planet needs to dress better, and you can help by buying and selling on Vestiaire Collective. Diversify your wardrobe beyond limited editions drops by looking into sustainable brands. Give your wardrobe the refresh it deserves!


Miss Classique

You prefer fashion that never goes out of style, opting for elegant and timeless pieces. You choose items that you'll always love, and that could last you a lifetime.

Think about the pieces you rarely wear, at the back of your wardrobe. You could give them a second life by selling to other fashion lovers in the Collective!


Lady Green

You like to buy and sell sustainable, ethical pieces - and to have fun doing it! You're paving the way to a greener future with your sustainable habits, and giving a second life to items in your wardrobe that don’t get as much love.

Caring for clothes plays a huge role in the future of sustainable fashion, and makes your items more desirable for resale too. By repairing, restoring and reviving your pieces, you'll be safeguarding them for the future - and their next owner. Need some top tips for caring for your clothing? We've got you.


Why not?!

You can find the luxury, long-lasting items you want for less whilst reducing your environmental impact!

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